Agency Documents

Annual Report 2019-2020

El Centro ends its 44th year of operation, during what we could all describe as the most difficult year imaginable. We began our 2019-2020 fiscal year moving people forward by improving clients’ health, wealth, education and overall quality of life (as planned) through informational, educational and integrative services and programming. As COVID-19 emerged, we shifted back to the basics, helping our community survive. The pandemic created demands for programs and services beyond our normal delivery and delivery methods. Yet, we never stopped!

The impact of this virus on our community exposed longstanding racial and ethnic inequities within institutional systems of education, health and economy. El Centro adapted, pivoting our resources to meet the immediate needs of our clients. We shifted to online, virtual classes, appointment only and utilized our Facebook page to communicate to our community. We strategically chose partners including Spanish language radio and TV to assist us in messaging, resources and promotion of activities, and education to meet the cultural and linguistic needs of our most vulnerable and essential workers. We also worked with our communities to amplify their voices as a strategy to begin changing policies and practices that lead to inequities.

As we enter a new fiscal year, we do this with an awareness that we are still in this crisis, and with much uncertainty. We are grateful for our donors and partners who offered flexibility in meeting grant requirements, expedited delivery of payments and provided much needed unrestricted dollars. Our goal moving forward is to sustain our work, while assisting clients in the safest way for all to remain healthy. We continue to seek support for families who will need time to recover from an event such as this. For many, economic supports were limited prior to COVID-19, the little they had now depleted. We acknowledge and recognize the long term work with our community is just beginning!