Agency Documents

Annual Report 2020-2021

Our 2020-2021 fiscal year was a year of a pandemic, economic troubles and deeply felt social and racial injustice. This pandemic revealed and further exposed preexisting inequities in housing, education, health care, food security, criminal justice, and employment. Yet, El Centro remained grounded in our commitment to recover and aid our communities.

Our families struggled with personal challenges including a number losing their jobs, loved ones and rising inequality renewed difficult conversations about race, diversity, inclusion and belonging. As I look back on the last fiscal year, it is remarkable how much as an agency we accomplished and grew. I am proud of what the agency and staff achieved, collectively and individually as they became a source of strength in difficult times for our community.

Our staff showed resilience, accountability, and compassion, supporting one another, our families, our communities, and partners. As we worked and learned, we adapted and grew. As an agency, we outperformed financially, making significant investments in staff, facilities, and technology, all the while, dedicated to supporting those most in need. El Centro did what we do best! We were there for families when they needed us the most.

I want to thank our health care workers, clinics, hospitals, and health departments and all who served on the front lines. You kept us safe and supported our services despite significant personal challenges. Guided by public health officials, we implemented health and safety  precautions at every location, regularly tested for COVID and encouraged vaccines as they became available. COVID-19 remains a challenge and we will continue to focus on the safety of our clients, colleagues, and the communities we serve as we move into another fiscal year.

Over the course of our 45-year history, this year was one of the most challenging and the results demonstrated our strength. By leveraging the talents and resources of all sectors—public, private, and philanthropic—we did what none of us could achieve on our own. By uniting the passion and commitment of donors, partners, community leaders and organizations, we are creating sustainable solutions that will continue to affect the lives of our families for years to come.

Your support of our mission has meant so much to our team and the communities we serve. This Annual Report is a tribute to our collective impact.