Economic Empowerment

Financial Literacy


Financial literacy:

One of the best ways to strengthen families is through economic empowerment, including homeownership classes and financial literacy education.

Money management and economic concerns are addressed through our monthly group financial literacy or homeownership classes providing you budgeting knowledge, money handling skills, and the basics of surviving in the financial world. It is never too early to start planning! The classes can include the following topics.

  • Budgeting – identifying income, distinguishing between needs and wants, and developing a personal budget
  • Savings – basics and best ways of savings, how to become debt-free
  • Investing – basic investing knowledge, strategies, and resources, retirement accounts, etc.
  • Taxes – understanding taxes, how to read pay stubs, tax terms and tax forms, special tax credits and benefits, tax saving strategies

Classes are held in both Wyandotte and Johnson Counties please call for more information and dates on upcoming classes 913.677.0100