Voter Registration and Engagement


What is Voter Registration and Engagement:

The Voter Advocacy & Engagement program primarily works with anyone who will like to get engaged Johnson, Wyandotte, and Shawnee Counties so that we can raising awareness to the importance of voting and becoming agents of change, that will ultimately, educate and empower our communities.

Our Voter engagement services are made up of three main components:

  1. Integrated Voter Engagement: which includes new voter registration and education. We can also assist with updated address, or registration information and requesting advance ballots as well as providing nonpartisan election information. The purpose of this area is to uplift the underrepresented voices in our communities through engaging and informing the neighborhood to enlighten the power that they have.
  2. Voter and Issue Campaign Engagement: The goal for this strategy is to actively engage residents through a common issue campaign and push for changes. With the end goal to change policies or implement a bill/policy that the community is in need of. We currently have implemented Citizenship Clinics, DACA Clinics, Power of Attorney workshops (POA’s), and Know Your Rights Workshops.
  3. Leadership Building: We will aim to aid individuals that have the skills to lead campaigns, organize, and aspire to be at decision-making tables or become elected officials. We work with our students and others to encourage leadership development and civic engagement by developing Advocates of Change.

For more information about volunteer opportunities or for help with voter registration and education, please contact El Centro at 913-677-0100 and ask for a Community Organizer.