Jobs at El Centro

Thank you for your interest. To apply please send resume and cover letter to Dr. Kelli Mather at Kmather@elcentroinc.com.

Current Job Openings at El Centro Inc. are as follows:

Title: President and Chief Executive Officer
Direct Reports Include: Chief Operating Officer and Chief Program Officer
Reports to: Board of Directors
Position Posted: March 2023

Goals and Objectives:

The following goals and objectives have been identified as priorities for the position:

  • Strategic Vision: Work with key stakeholders to develop a 3–5-year strategic plan with clear strategies, goals, an implementation plan, and performance measures.
  • Programs: Identify and consistently monitor community needs to guide new and align existing programming for maximum impact.
  • Fund Development: Drive fund development efforts that seek to diversify and build funding sources, while engaging existing and new funders and donors (e.g., foundations, corporations, individuals, etc.) to support the short and long-term needs of the organization.
  • Measuring Impact: Drive organizational performance by setting and monitoring performance against measurable financial, operational and program goals.
  • Advocacy: Position El Centro as a key voice and advocate for the diverse interests and aspirations of the Latino Community, as well as a sought-out resource for the community at large.
  • Communications: Drive efforts to elevate the visibility and awareness of the organization by clearly articulating and promoting its mission and vision, while enlisting and equipping key stakeholders (e.g., board members, staff, funders, donors, volunteers, partners, etc.) to do the same.
  • Organization Culture: Cultivate a collaborative work environment that promotes open and transparent communication, board, staff, and key stakeholder engagement, and attracts, retains, and develops top performing staff.

The successful President and Chief Executive Officer will:

  • Serves as primary liaison to the Board of Directors and supports board committees to include meeting agenda development, assigning staff to support committee work and reporting practices. Works in partnership with the Board to develop policies and procedures, and strategic direction to include periodic review of the mission and vision of the organization. Engages the board in planning short and long-term goals.
  • Lead the staff and manage the operations of the organization aligned with strategic priorities. Promotes a culture that reflects El Centro’s values, encourages outstanding performance and recognition of production and achievements. Support the professional development of staff. Ensure the quality and effectiveness of programs and services to achieve desired outcomes and impacts.
  • Exercise responsible financial stewardship by making sound financial decisions within parameters established by the board (budget and financial policies and procedures). Works with the executive administrative team and Finance Director to plan and review the organization budget. Ensures the board of directors receives accurate financial information in a timely manner.
  • Lead and manage fundraising. Ensures El Centro has diversified funding. Builds relationships with key individual and institutional donors (foundations and corporations) and ensures board involvement in fundraising. Provides direction to and works collaboratively with the resource development team. Ensures activities are aligned with strategic plan.
  • Play active role in board recruitment, developing board leadership and succession for key roles. Actively participate in board nominating committee process.
  • Develop future leadership and bench strength for key leadership and staff roles. Hire staff that has the potential for an increased leadership role. Provide opportunities for all staff to develop their skills.
  • Work effectively with a variety of constituents and stakeholders to include senior leadership professionals, staff members, external partners, directors, donors, and vendors.
  • Build external relationships and serve as an advocate and public face and primary spokesperson of El Centro.
  • Ensure quality and effectiveness of programs, services, and operations. Monitor programs, services, and operations through established or new reporting mechanisms. Periodically evaluate and assess.

Master’s degree in business administration, public administration, operations management, nonprofit management, or other key area of business management is preferred or equivalent work experience in related field.

Knowledge and Experience:
Seven to ten years of successful senior leadership experience within a business or nonprofit organization; thorough understanding of operations, programs, finance, and human resources; direct and indirect profit and loss management. Attitudes, knowledge, and skills to deliver culturally competent services. Bilingual English/Spanish Preferred.

For the full job posting and how apply, click the following link: El Centro CEO Job Description

Title: Community Specialist (Mobilizer) – Kansas City, KS
FLSA Status:  Non-Exempt
Department: Advocacy
Reports to: Director of Community Education & Outreach
Date: September 2021

Summary:  The Community Specialist (Mobilizer) will focus on advocacy of key legislative goals and campaigns, building grassroots efforts for racial, health and wealth equity and civic engagement focusing on the new American electorate and comprehensive Immigration Reform (including but not limited to Clean Dream ACT), voter registration and citizenship for long term power building in marginalized neighborhoods. 

Position is located at our Administrative Office in Kansas City, KS.

For the full job posting, please go here: Community Specialist (Mobilizer) – Job Description 2020

Title: Education/Outreach Coordinator
FLSA Status:  Non-Exempt
Department: Adult & Family Services
Reports to: Director of Community Education & Outreach
Date Posted: August 2022

Summary: The Education/ Outreach Coordinator will work directly under the supervision of the Director. The coordinator(s) will work with the Promotoras de Salud and the Community Mobilizer(s) in Wyandotte and Johnson Counties coordinating activities, presentations, forums and outreach events. They will work directly with community members to motive and train current and newly engaged Promotoras, Mobilizers and Volunteers. Must have the ability to positively interact with the community and create and implement training sessions on health and advocacy related topics that will promote a cultural of health and equity for the Latino community.

Position is located at our Administrative Office in Kansas City, KS.

For the full job posting, please go here: Education Outreach Coordinator Job Description.pdf

Title: Marketplace Enrollment Specialist
FLSA Status:  Full Time, Non-Exempt
Department: Health Navigation
Reports to: Director of Community Health
Date Posted: November 2022

Summary: During the Open Enrollment Period (typically November 1st – December 15th), the Marketplace Enrollment Specialist (MES) is primary responsible for guiding clients in both counties through enrollment to obtain healthcare coverage in the Marketplace (insurance exchange). The MES will screen for eligibility for coverage, assist in completing applications, and help clients decide which coverage option is best for their situation. The MES also provides education about coverage terminology, helps clients submit documentation to resolve issues, and help refer them to appropriate resources as needed. The MES also provides outreach and education about the Marketplace attending community resource/health fairs and events. Outside of the Open Enrollment Period, the MES provides direct enrollment assistance to clients, offering support by screening and assessing eligibility for insurance and public services, educating clients about eligibility and rights to enroll in services, assisting with the application process, providing follow-up with the client as needed, and ensuring the client understands how to best utilize the service and benefit for better access to healthcare and other services in the community.

Position is housed in Kansas City, KS but will work in Olathe, KS during Marketplace Open Enrollment Period.

For the full job posting, please go here: Marketplace-Enrollment-Specialist-WyCo_2022.pdf

Title: Preschool Sub/Floater Teacher
FLSA Status: Non-Exempt
Department: Academy for Children
Reports to: Director of Academy
Date: January 2022

Summary: The sub/floater teacher is responsible for the temporary implementation of lessons plans provided by the regular teacher. The sub or floater will work to ensure that all students continue to learn in a quality dual-language and instructionally-focused environment in the absence of the Teacher.

For the full job posting, please go here: Preschool Sub / Floater Teacher – Job Description 2022.pdf

Title: Preschool Teacher
FLSA Status: Non-Exempt
Department: Academy for Children
Reports to: Director of Academy
Date: January 2022

Summary: The classroom teacher is responsible for developing and implementing a quality research-based dual-language instructional program that ensures that all students meet the Early Childhood Education standards and are Kindergarten ready upon exiting.

For the full job posting, please go here: Preschool Teacher – Job Description 2022.pdf


El Centro, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer