Jobs at El Centro

Thank you for your interest. Current Job Openings at El Centro Inc. are as follows:

Title: Community Specialist (Mobilizer)
FLSA Status:  Exempt
Department: Advocacy
Reports to: Education Outreach Coordinator
Date: November 2020

Summary:  The Community Specialist (Mobilizer) for Wyandotte County will focus on advocacy of key legislative goals and campaigns, building grassroots efforts for racial, health and wealth equity and civic engagement focusing on the new American electorate and comprehensive Immigration Reform ( including but not limited to Clean Dream ACT), voter registration and citizenship for long term power building in marginalized neighborhoods.

For the full job posting, please go here: Community Specialist (Mobilizer) – Job Description 2020


Title: Education / Outreach Coordinator
Department: Adult & Family Services
Reports to: Director of Community Education & Outreach
Date: November 2020

Summary:  The Education / Outreach Coordinator will work directly under the supervision of the Director. The coordinator(s) will work with the Promotoras de Salud and the Community Mobilizer(s) in Wyandotte and Johnson Counties coordinating activities, presentations, forums and outreach events. They will work directly with community members to motive and train current and newly engaged Promotoras, Mobilizers and Volunteers. Must have the ability to positively interact with the community and create and implement training sessions on health and advocacy related topics that will promote a cultural of health and equity for the Latino community.

For the full job posting, please go here: Education / Outreach Coordinator – Job Description 2020


Title: Enrollment Specialist – Wyandotte County
Department: Community Health
Reports to: Health Navigation Program Coordinator & Director of Community Health
Date: August 2021

Summary: The Enrollment Specialist provides direct enrollment assistance to clients, offering support by screening and assessing eligibility for insurance and public services, assisting with the enrollment process, and providing follow-up with the client as needed.

For the full job posting, please go here: Enrollment Specialist – WyCo 2021.pdf


Title: Health Navigation Program Coordinator
Department: Adult and Family Services
Reports to: Director of Community Health
Date: August 2021

Summary: The Health Navigation Program Coordinator is primary responsible for offering Health Navigation services to clients, guiding them through the complexities of the health care system through education, case management, advocacy, and networking. They will also oversee the work completed within the Health Navigation Program, including direct services (KCMC services), Billing Navigation, Insurance Enrollment services (¡Inscíbase!), Specialty Care Navigation, and other public services, completed by the Enrollment Specialist in Wyandotte County. The Health Navigation Coordinator works closely with other departments and programs to ensure clients have access to programs and services that help them achieve their goals and will be assigned other duties from time to time. They also help grow the program by networking and connecting with new community partners and healthcare providers.

For the full job posting, please go here: Health Navigation Program Coordinator – 2021.pdf


Title: Receptionist
Department: Academy for Children
Reports to: Director of the Academy
Date: August 2021

Summary: The Receptionist will be responsible for the reception desk, carrying out general administrative duties that will support the effective and efficient operation of the Academy for Children.

For the full job posting, please go here: Receptionist_AFC 2021.pdf


Title: Preschool Sub/Floater Teacher
Department: Adult and Children
Reports to: Director of the Academy
Date: August 2021

Summary: The sub/floater teacher is responsible for the temporary implementation of lessons plans provided by the regular teacher. The sub or floater will work to ensure that all students continue to learn in a quality dual-language and instructionally-focused environment in the absence of the Teacher.

For the full job posting, please go here: Sub_Floater Teacher_AFC 2021.pdf


El Centro, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer