Community Health

Promotoras de Salud


Promotoras de Salud (Health Promoters) are trained volunteers providing outreach, education, and information on healthy lifestyles for people who speak Spanish as their primary language. These volunteers hold informational group meetings along with going out into the community to spread the message of good health, information about resources, and healthy lifestyles.

This is a dynamic program, changing to meet the needs of the community and the people they serve, while always keeping in mind the ultimate goal of informed healthcare consumers. They are able to be the bridge between people who need care and those who give it.

Their objectives are to:

  • Empower Latinos to serve as links between their community and the healthcare system
  • Promote smoking cessation, physical activity, and healthy nutrition
  • Address health disparities within the Latino community
  • Assess the health needs of the community
  • Develop Community Leaders

Promotoras are recruited in schools, churches, or any place where Latinos gather, within the community. During the last six years, more than 130 individuals have been trained as Health Promotores.

“The Promotoras are the seeds of change for themselves, for their families, and for their own community”. But at the same time, it’s our role to implement this program to eliminate health disparities in a community that is already underserved and isolated due to their language barriers, lack of insurance, and the difficulty of entering the mainstream health system.

“The objective of the Promotoras program is to emphasize they can be the link between health services offered in the area and  be the needs of of a healthy community.” For more information or interested in being a Promotor(a) please contact the Promotoras Program Manager at ereynoso@elcentroinc.com or 913.677.0100 ext. 116.