Know Your Rights


What is Know Your Rights

El Centro is committed to the safety and security of the Latino community. With the political rhetoric targeting our community on an almost daily bases we must not give in to the fear and anxiety but must assist our community by empowering them with knowledge to help keep themselves and their families safe.  Our goal in hosting community Know Your Rights event is to help prepare our undocumented and mixed status families, but also inform our allies on how they can assist their friends, neighbors and community at large to be safe and prepared in the event of any event that might jeopardize their rights.

We can host events in Spanish and English and provide information on steps to take in case of a random stop, or even more targeted events. We assist families in having a plan of action and all necessary information and contacts they might need, and most importantly we talk about our rights and responsibility as members of our communities.

For more information about Know Your Rights, or to request a training, please contact El Centro at 913-677-0100 and ask for a Community Organizer