Community Health

Helping Latinos Lead Healthier Lives Through Utilization of Community Healthcare Services and Health Literacy Resources


El Centro takes a multi-faceted approach to family services for Latinos in Kansas City, because there is often more than one issue a family might be coping with. We realize families have stressors placed on them, both within the family and from outside sources. Fortunately, we can call on a collection of resources to help relieve as many of those pressures as we can.

Kansas City families who come to us for services are encouraged to look at their own individual situations, learn new skills, and change the potential outcome. They are empowered to take charge of the direction of their lives and their family’s future through the knowledge they gain, the skills they acquire, and the support they receive through our programs and services – and those provided by other agencies – in the areas of early childhood, healthcare, economic self-reliance, we help to improve the quality of life for families.