Thank you for your continued support of El Centro!

This fiscal year, we celebrate our 45th Anniversary! While we will miss celebrating in person, due to the challenges brought on by the pandemic, we are requesting your support. We ask you to honor our 45 years, by contributing to our $45 for 45th Campaign.

  • El Centro’s mission is to strengthen communities and improve the lives of Latinos and others through educational, social, and economic opportunities.
  • El Centro is a welcoming center with programs that positively impact the education, health, economic well-being, and civic engagement of Latino families in our community
  • El Centro believes all individuals, regardless of language, place of birth or documentation status, deserve to be fully accepted and encouraged to pursue their dreams as an integral part of the communities in which they live, play and work.

Throughout this year, our families have struggled with even the most basic needs; yet our organization has been able to rise to the challenge, grow, and address these needs. It is through the support of our partners, passionate staff, and individuals like you, that we have adapted and expanded our work within our community.

Our 45th year has begun with amazing accomplishments:

  • Adjusting our work to assist with basic needs of food, rental, and utility assistance
  • Hosting First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and SBA Secretary Isabella Guzman for Hispanic Heritage month
  • Opening a new welcome center in Johnson County, expanding our capacity for the work

Being recognized by new partners for the tireless work to move families past this pandemic In addition to helping us celebrate 45 years of service, your donation will ensure that we continue to grow and meet the needs of our community. Our goal is to raise $45,000. Through this ambitious campaign, we intend to expand our reach through continued quality programming that our community deserves. You may think $45 can’t have much of an impact, but collectively, our $45 gifts can break barriers, build bridges, and strengthen our communities. If we have learned anything from this last year, it is that together we can restore hope and transform lives.

Please consider donating $45, $1 for each year (OR MORE if you can), to assist El Centro’s work. We invite you to join our $45 for 45th Campaign — perhaps even
more importantly — promote the campaign to your family and friends.

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