Health Navigators Assist Client in Olathe Posted June 15, 2016 by Irene


At El Centro, we know it can be difficult to know where to go for your health, especially when you are sick or trying to afford something you need. But did you know El Centro has a program to help with that? Health Navigation is a program designed to help you with getting access to affordable, quality healthcare services for you and your family. We are not a clinic, but have connections to many low cost clinics in the area and can help you find which one will fit your needs. Our staff is bilingual and knows the culture and community. Justin Gust,  our Health Navigator in Olathe, describes how this program benefits our clients in Johnson County.

“Jessica is a young adult who came to El Centro one afternoon just before we closed for the day. She had been released from a nearby hospital and needed to get prescriptions take that night to help control a blood clot in her arm. The issue though was affording her medications. She had not been working due to her health and her grandmother, who was both her personal and financial support, had recently passed away. With funds from the Olathe Mayor’s Christmas Tree Fund, El Centro’s Health Navigator was able to help Jessica in getting her prescriptions that same evening. Without this help, she probably would have gone without and ended up back in the hospital.”