Health Navigators Justin and Erica attended a community forum in Wyandotte County last week about expanding KanCare, the Medicaid program in Kansas. The forum was hosted by the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas, a coalition which El Centro is a part of. Speakers included Mayor Mark Holland, who supports expanding KanCare to bring additional coverage to those in need. El Centro’s Chief Program Officer, Cielo Fernandez, also provided cases that El Centro has seen where people would be eligible for coverage if the state expanded KanCare. For example:

For an adult with one child in Kansas, they would have to make only up to $6,600 a year to qualify for KanCare. That means they could only work LESS than 20 hours a week at minimum wage in order to qualify. If they work more than that, they no longer qualify and lose their coverage.


For more information and to help support efforts in expanding KanCare like the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas, please visit: