Become an Advocate

Lend your voice to our movement for justice. Advocate for issues and trends of importance to our clients and assist them to have a voice. El Centro’s advocacy priorities align strongly with our programs. We focus on issues related to comprehensive immigration reform, early childhood education, health care, workers’ rights, and in-state tuition. Together, we can build a policy foundation that complements the work El Centro does every day with the individuals and families we serve. Please, join us.

How we do it

El Centro, Inc. integrates advocacy into all of our work, to create a sustainable and powerful approach to policy change. Parents in our Academy for Children advocate for early childhood education programs to prepare their children for success in school. Clients from our health programs share their stories as we advocate for continued health reforms. Our staff, many of whom reflect the communities we serve, develop skills and knowledge to help our constituencies claim their full civic engagement, strengthening our services and transforming our policy debate at the same time. We partner with other organizations and community allies in these efforts, bringing our issue expertise and the stories of those we serve, along with our accumulated advocacy experience. We are grateful for the contributions of these strong partners. And we invite you to journey with us towards our vision of prosperity, security, and health for all Kansans.

How you can join us

  • Sign up for advocacy alerts by using the “Contact Us” form on this website
  • Join El Centro, Inc. for legislative days in Topeka every spring—a policy advocate can mentor and accompany you!
  • Write a letter to the editor about the need for comprehensive immigration reform, strong early childhood programs, or protections for survivors of domestic violence—share your printed letters, and we’ll post them on this site!
  • Register to vote, if you aren’t already, and register your friends, neighbors, and colleagues, too!
  • Attend legislator and candidate forums, and raise questions about these policy priorities
  • Attend and participate in neighborhood groups, tenet associations, commission meetings to find out what is happening and how it impacts you!