Our Approach (Learning Block)

Your student is assessed when he/she enters the program with an eye towards discovering the right activities to make him/her a better learner. Learning games, stories, songs, and other activities take place on a group level taught by teachers who possess Early Childhood Education credentials.

We believe that when your child is learning, there should not be any interruptions or distractions. To that end, we take the “Learning Block” very seriously. This time is designated for teacher-student interaction and takes place between 9 AM – 12 PM. The goal is to make learning an interactive, fun experience where children want to learn.

Each classroom is brightly decorated, warm and inviting. From the moment a student first
arrives, they are greeted with enthusiasm. Every child has an area they can call their own,
along with group spaces for engaging small groups or the entire classroom. As licensed by the
Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), Academy for Children teachers are
responsible for maintaining their classrooms, keeping them organized, safe from hazards,
clean and ready for learning to take place.