Wyandotte Health Foundation Grant Awarded Posted September 23, 2015 by Irene


El Centro is pleased to announce the receipt of a $15,000 grant from the Wyandotte Health Foundation for the “Promotores de Salud Comprando Rico y Sano y Familias Saludables” program. This program will utilize our current Promotores in Wyandotte County to enhance Promotores’ follow-up activities and be more efficient in accessing preventive care to the Limited-English Proficient (LEP) Latino community.

With Wyandotte County ranking last in the state in health outcomes and the advent of Healthy Communities Wyandotte to work towards improving that status, this message among many LEP Latinos is still not being heard. Add to that the environmental and logistical challenges of transportation, understanding of what constitutes healthy food, the dearth of grocery stores, and a tight budget, and you have the perfect recipe for maintaining the status quo of unhealthy eating. We have developed a program for Promotores to inform families about healthy eating on a budget, along with following up with them on other medical needs, such as finding a medical home, women receiving low-/no-cost mammograms, and the importance of keeping medical appointments, along with following the doctor’s directions.

The investment in the community to get out this information, having more people become aware of health resources out in the community, and working towards a healthier lifestyle has the opportunity to better the entire community and help get Wyandotte County out of last place in the state for health outcomes.