We at El Centro are deeply disappointed by the Supreme Court’s 4–4 decision today, which keeps DAPA and expanded DACA on hold. The decision ignores decades of legal precedent and disregards the previous uses of discretionary powers by presidents—leaving millions of American families in immigration limbo. The decision does not impact the original DACA program announced in 2012, which was not an issue in this case.

El Centro’s President and CEO Irene Caudillo said “I am deeply saddened and heartbroken for our families.”

Kansas City Collaborative members including El Centro, KSMODA, Legal Aid and the Hispanic Development Fund said “We will continue to fight for justice in the courts because we know that our victory is lawful and constitutional.  We are calling on registered voters to go to the polls in November and vote for candidates who will support DAPA and DACA while this case in ongoing, because the new President could either protect and build on these programs or take them away completely.”