37 shining stars graduated from our Academy for Children last week. So proud of our students as the move on to kindergarten in the fall.  Congratulations to our graduates.  Oh, the places they’ll go!

Our Academy for Children is a nationally-accredited (NAEYC), dual-language, full-day, year-round, early care and education program for 2 ½-5 year olds, along with after-school and summer programming for K-5 grades. Monthly parent workshops are available to help reinforce teaching strategies for successful learning.

The Academy works with children and families to get pre-K children ready for future success in school through a dual-language education in academic readiness skills, social skills, and literacy.  The Academy not only has the dual-language model firmly in place, it also has the expertise to reach the families and children who attend to plant the seed for children to grow and flourish, giving them all an extensive foundation for success in education and life.