El Centro Welcomes Janet Murguia to Kansas City Posted October 21, 2014 by Irene


El Centro’s President and CEO Irene Caudillo welcomed the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) President and CEO Janet Murguia to Kansas City, Kansas today for a Kansas Latino Get Out the Vote Launch.

A crowd of over 120 people were urged to exercise their right to vote.  “In order to translate our growing numbers into political clout, we must make sure that every eligible Hispanic registers to vote and that every registered Latino voter in Kansas casts a ballot on Election Day,” said Murguia.

“Our Hispanic population is the youngest ethnic group in the nation and we must be active voters to make a difference and drive change in the communities in which we live,” said Caudillo.  She continued by saying that “we can make our voices heard through the power of the ballot box, but only if we register and if we vote.”

As a local affiliate of the NCLR, the mission of El Centro is to strengthen communities and improve the lives of Latinos and others through educational, social and economic opportunities.NCLR Event.