El Centro Helps Family in Need Posted June 22, 2016 by Irene


The Reyes Family needed help.  The sole wage-earner of this Olathe household became critically ill and has been out of work for over three months.  As you can imagine the family was financially stressed. Through El Centro’s Emergency Assistance Program, we were able to assist the family with a partial payment for rent.  The Reyes’ tell their story:

“Our family’s struggle is common to many perhaps, in which we experience major trials of life.  Nonetheless, these challenges make us stronger with God’s help.

 We were devastated when the head of our family, Mr. Reyes, fell ill with a serious incapacitating condition, gout, which we knew nothing about.  There were many times during his severe pain and suffering when we felt total despair.  God, however, never abandoned us by sending charitable people to help.  One such person was a woman from El Centro, Adriana Becerra.

Ms. Becerra (fondly called Mrs. B by our children) proved to be an excellent counselor with a kind heart, who was able to assist us both financially and emotionally.  We were so fortunate to have her on our side during our time of need.

Our story has not ended yet, but we keep on fighting the good fight and now see Mr. Reyes’ health steadily improving.  To the other families that might be going through difficult times, we encourage them to keep their faith.  There are supportive systems in our community; you don’t have to stay down.  Ask for help.  Thank you.”